Entrepreneurs' Resources

Intellectual property developed at Berkeley has launched countless companies.

The Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances and the Office of Technology Licensing work with companies of all sizes to share Berkeley technology and increase the impact of Berkeley research. Their flexible approach and deep knowledge make them excellent partners for companies who want to commercialize the university’s IP portfolio.

Connecting with Berkeley’s powerful research pipeline may also offer inspiration and enable partnerships between the university and entrepreneurs.


Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry

BCGC is advancing green chemistry through research, education and engagement.

Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)

An ambitious cross-sector partnership to enable the advancement of the state-of-the-art in data science. This major initiative focuses on several levers to enhance research, methodologies and education, and will support numerous faculty, post-docs, graduate students and community activities.

Berkeley IP and Technology Transfer 

Learn more about research collaborations and technology transfer, and quickly search for licensable technologies.

Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneurs Program

BPEP provides the postdoc and graduate community with tools, mentoring, and a platform for science/industry interaction to enable research innovations to move into the marketplace.

CleanTech 2 Market (C2M)

Part of the Energy Institute at Haas. Students, scientists, engineers, and professionals translate cleantech research in chemistry, biology, materials sciences, engineering, nanotechnology and other fields into market opportunities.

EECS Corporate Access Program (CAP)

The Corporate Access Program (formerly the Silver Industrial Affiliates Program) enables timely technology transfer, facilitates research collaborations and recruiting, and enhances industry’s interactions with faculty and students.

EECS Events

From tech talks to career info sessions, the EECS calendar is packed with events and resources for students, scholars, and alumni.

Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership

The institute offers technical development, training in management and entrepreneurship, high-level industry collaboration, and recruiting events.

Product Development Program (PDP)

A graduate-level degree program whose central aim is to fill the unmet need for graduates of chemical engineering and related disciplines who have knowledge and field experience in the complex process of transforming technical innovations into commercially successful products. In the space of one calendar year, PDP graduates will gain exposure to real-world product development practices in a range of chemical process-intensive industries including biotechnology, microelectronics, nanoscience and consumer products.

QB3 Incubators

QB3 incubators provide biotech startups with access to rental laboratory space.


A five-year intensive research lab developing technologies that enable applications to interact intelligently and securely with their environment in real time.

Signatures Innovation Fellows

Supports innovative research by UC Berkeley faculty and researchers in the data science and software areas with a special focus on projects that hold commercial promise.

Synthetic Biology Institute 

SBI is working to make the engineering of new complex functions in cells vastly more efficient, reliable, predictable, and safe. Its breakthroughs will speed the development of biologically engineered solutions to pressing global problems related to health, materials, energy, environment, and security.